[The following entries have been transcribed from the minute books kept in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.]

The Fiftieth Meeting of the Society was held in Mr G. M, Edward’s rooms, New Court, on Monday evening, Nov 3rd [1919] at 8:30pm. When the opening rites had been duly performed, the admission of two new members followed. These, presented with all solemnity by the Ceremonius (Fr. Wilkinson), were G. B. H. Jones and C. B. Horrax. A further step in the reconstruction of our society was achieved by the swearing of the duly elected Tribunes, Fr. Knox-Shaw and Fr. Bowman.

The Magister was then called upon by the Princeps to read the minutes. Objection on a trivial point was raised by the Pontiff and the Princeps refused permission to the Magister to defend his words. Due alteration effected the minutes were signed.

Next the Princeps delivered us his presidential address. Solemnly he adjured the fratres to wait constantly on their mistress Clio and to observe and do her behest. Ere he ceased he called for a moment’s silence in reverence and respect of the memory of those members who had fallen in war – among them the chief author of the society’s being and with him too many other honourable names. This tribute, all standing, was paid.

The Princeps then called upon Fr. Nichol to read his paper on ‘The Contribution of France to Civilisation’. The learned frater carried us swiftly down the centuries pointing out with unerring finger what gift in each age France had laid at the feet of humanity. A discussion of the paper ensued and produced a series of criticisms from each member, the Ceremonius repeatedly rising as new thoughts came to him in swift succession – tho’ all members agreed in extolling both the literary grace and historical weight of the learned frater’s remarks.

The Princeps having summed up the debate, proposals for the election of new members followed and there were proposed and seconded

Mr F. H. Johnson
Mr C. M. Webb
Mr L. Harrison

These names were unanimously referred to the August Senate for their consideration.

The meeting then was closed by the Pontiff with the accustomed rites.

H. B. King (Prin. Sen.)
G. J. Passant (Mag. Rot.)

The Fifty First meeting of the society was held in Mr G. M. Edwards’ rooms, New Court, at 8:30pm on Monday, November 17th [1919]. After the opening of the meeting, in due form, new members were first admitted. These were L. H. Harrison, F. H. Johnson and C. M. Webb. The minutes were then read and an objection made by Fr. Raff having been overruled, they were signed by the Princeps.

The business of the evening was the presentation of the budget and the Comes (Fr Gaius) in a masterly exposition lit up by flashes of mordant humour, laid the proposals of the Finance Board before the society. A XXX and prolonged debate followed in which almost every member took part, but the Comes was so skilful in rebutting criticism that his reason was at length carried without dissentient vote.

The hours having crept towards midnight it was decided to postpone the President’s paper until the next meeting.

It should be recorded that the Society had the pleasure of meeting a survivor of its pre-war self in Fr. Barker who was visiting the college.

The names of the following were suggested for membership, then proposed, seconded and carried for XXX to the Senate – Messrs Billune, Spencer and Goodall.

H. B. King (Prin. Sen.)
G. J. Passant (Mag. Rot.)

The Fifty Second meeting of the society was held in Mr Edwards’ rooms, New Court, on December 1st [1919].

The meeting having been opened with the accustomed rites, C. E. G. Goodall was duly admitted a member of the society.

The Pontifex then read his charge to the society exhorting the members in terms of high lofty eloquence to be faithful to their mistress Clio. Next was Fr. Passant inaugurated into the office of Pontifex Maximus for the Lent term.

The minutes having been read, the vacant place upon the senate was filled by the re-election of Fr. Gaius and the election of Fr. Nichol. Ere reading his paper the Princeps presented to the society a copy of his chef d’oeuvre – anglicè masterpiece – ‘The History of the Illustrious 7th Northamptonshire Regiment 1914-1919’, which was with gratitude accepted and placed among the archives of the society.

The Princeps next read his paper on ‘The Historic Setting of the Franciscan Movement’, upon which followed an interesting discussion.

The meeting was closed by the new Pontiff with the accustomed rites.

H. B. King (Prin. Sen.)


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