[The following entries have been transcribed from the minute books kept in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.]

The 131st meeting of the Confraternitas Historica was held in Frater Passant’s rooms on Monday, February 3rd 1930.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed. Apologies for their absence were then read from our Socius Honorabilis, Fr. Knox-Shaw, Fr. Smilt, and Fratres Taylor E. J, Watson, Offiler and Bratby. The Magister stated that he had received, orally, apologies from Fratres McClellan, Gunner and Alderton. After some discussion votes of censure were passed on these three members and the Magister was instructed to inform them of the fact by letter.

Several motions were proposed in rapid succession and as rapidly lost sight of on the question of a paper from the Pontifex Maximus, Frater Crompton. Some members desired a vote of censure on Fr. Crompton for not having read a paper, others desired a resolution that Frater Crompton should read a paper. Fr. Crompton protested but to no avail for his paper was linked with the perennial proposal of a visit to Audley End. It was resolved that the Senate should consider making some provision with the “Ortora” Company for a visit to Audley End in the May Term after the Historical Tripos, and that, on returning from Audley End, after partaking of a “cold collation”, fratres should listen to a paper from Fr. Crompton. Frater Passant mentioned that it was ten years ago that the visit to Audley End was first proposed: can it be that fratres will reach their “Mecca”? Who knows?

This concluded the private business and fratres then listened to a most enjoyable paper from the Princeps, Fr. Thomson on “Ludwig II of Bavaria”.

The meeting then closed with the usual ceremonies.

Felix E. Crowder (Mag. Rot.)
C. D. Thomson (Princeps 12/2/30)

The 132nd meeting of the Confraternitas Historica was held on Monday, February 12th 1930 and was the occasion of the Annual Visitors’ Meeting.

The opening and closing ceremonies were performed in Frater Passant’s room, and the minutes of the last meeting read and signed. A letter of apology for his absence was received from Frater Cartwright. Fratres then adjourned to the Senior Combination Room, which was kindly lent for the occasion by the Governing Body of the College, where they listened to a most delightful paper from the Professor of Political Science, Dr. Barker. [A note reads: on “The Influence of Islam in the West during the Crusades”.] An animated discussion followed for an hour when the proceedings closed with a vote of thanks to the Professor, moved by Frater Passant.

Felix E. Crowder (Mag. Rot.)
C. D. Thomson (Princeps 3/3/30)

The 133rd meeting of the Confraternitas Historica was held in Frater Passant’s rooms on Monday, March 3rd 1930.

After the opening ceremonies had been performed the minutes of the last meeting were read and signed. Letters of apology for their absence were received from Fratres Alderton, Bratby, Cartwright, Elliott, Gunner, McClellan and Offiler. A vote of censure was passed on Frater Rooke for having omitted to send any apology for his absence and a vote of censure was also passed on Frater Bratby for having omitted to send an apology for his absence from the Visitors’ Meeting on February 12th. The Magister was instructed to inform both fratres of these motions by letter.

The Pontifex Maximus then promulgated an Act Additional to the Codex, designed to lessen the irregular attendance which has increased of late. The Budget was explained by the Comes Sacrae Thesauri, Fr. Bovenizer and was passed, it being agreed that it would be right and proper for Frater Bovenizer to appropriate the balance of 1d on this term’s Budget , as a revocation of his free gift of the same sum in order to effect a Balance last term. The Princeps announced that the “Ortora” Company had offered to furnish a 20-seater vehicle for the proposed visit to Audley End at a close of £2”10”0. This concluded the private business.

Fratres then listened to a most interesting paper from the Ceremoniarius, Frater Herring on “History and Art”, which led to one of the most stimulating discussions of the year in which Frater Herring, ably and single-handed, defended his theory of “significant form”.

Frater Crompton then laid down his office of Pontifex Maximus and installed Frater Crowder therein. The new Pontifex in a trembling voice, due to a cold and the solemnity of the occasion, performed the closing ceremonies.

Felix E. Crowder  (Mag. Rot.)
S. W. White (Prin. Sen.)

The 134th meeting of the Confraternitas Historica was held in Frater Passant’s rooms on Monday, October 27th 1930.

After the opening ceremony had been stumblingly performed by the new officials, letters of apology for absence from Fratres Knox-Shaw, Taylor, Alderton and Gunner were read. No communication was received from Frater Bratby and we conclude that, as far as the Confraternity is concerned, he is as dead. A letter of resignation and total abandonment of the Society was sent by Frater Rooke and, being couched in somewhat disrespectful terms, was received more in sorrow than in anger by the assembled brethren. A vote of the severest censure on account of the inadequacy of his excuse for absence, proposed by Frater Leeper and seconded by the Magister Rotulorum, was passed on Frater Gunner by a large majority.

The election of a Ceremonarius was next undertaken. Fratres McClellan, Mortimore and Walter were each in turn proposed and seconded and each in turn refused to stand for election. Frater Offiler was then proposed, seconded and elected to the office of Ceremonarius without opposition. The same difficulty was encountered with the election of tribunes. Fratres McClellan, Mortimore and Walter were again proposed and seconded, but this time each seemed prepared to undertake the [XXX] duties involved. A vote by ballot proclaimed Fratres McClellan and Mortimore duly elected, receiving six and nine votes respectively. Each tribune then read the tribunal oath, to which few fratres paid the slightest attention. Frater Passant, not to be outdone, next proposed that Frater Walter should assume the office of Fabricius which has of late fallen into abeyance, and when the functions of that official had been clearly established, Frater Walter was unanimously elected.

Fratres were next concerned with the election of new members. Messrs Stanton, Shaw, Sawyer, Dakin, Powell, Acworth, Harland and T. P. Hoar were severally proposed and seconded. The Reverend the Chaplain and Librarian of the College was proposed as an Honorary member by Frater Passant and duly seconded.

Some time was spent in discussing a possible date for the annual banquet and eventually the second Saturday in the Lent Term was decided on. It was further determined, as Frater Passant’s recommendation, to ask Professor Temperley to read a paper at the Visitors’ Meeting. This proposal…

[Page missing.]

The 135th meeting of the Confraternitas Historica was held in Frater Passant’s rooms on Monday, November 17th 1930.

The Pontifex Maximus showed but little improvement on his previous performance in his rendering of the opening ceremony, and let fall a load, which was not at all in keeping with his office – but after one false start all was at length completed. The initiation of new members was next undertaken and Messrs Stanton, Shaw, Sawyer, Dakin, Powell and Acworth were admitted to the Confraternity. A member of the Society was heard to remark that the neophytes were badly instructed as to their part in the initiation ceremony, but, except for an occasional stage whisper from the Ceremonarius, the traditional impressiveness of the ritual was unbroken. The minutes of the last meeting were then read, and as a result Frater Passant rose to protest against the statement that his advocacy of Professor Temperley as the Guest of Honour at the Visitors’ Meeting had been received chillily by the fratres. He was also not in favour of the word ‘chillily’ being introduced into the English language. On a motion being introduced for the deletion of the offending phrase an overwhelming majority decided for its erasure. [A note reads: The Pontifex further protested against the strength of the severity of the vote of censure passed on Frater Gunner, but was instantly quashed by the Princeps. The Princeps then signed the minutes] Letters of apology for absence were read from Fratres Weekes, Knox-Shaw, Collins, Wyatt, Walter and Harland. A letter of resignation from the Society was read from Frater Gunner, which occasioned much mirth. [A note reads: A verbal apology for absence was received from Frater Taylor.]

The Magister Rotulorum proposed that members who had resigned from the Society be forced to give their socks up, as he considered it disrespectful to the Confraternitas in general and our Lady Clio in particular, to wear them with a lounge suit, which thing he had seen done. This was considered too harsh and impracticable by some fratres and Frater Mortimore proposed that an appeal should be made to the better nature of the persons concerned. It was contended by the Princeps that anybody who had had a vote of censure passed on them by the Confraternitas Historica and had consequently resigned was not the possessor of a better nature. Eventually it was decided that the Fabricius should make the appeal, as a result of a proposal by the Comes.

Frater Passant then enquired why fratres had not received their fixture cards for the term and information on this point was given by the Magister Rotulorum. Frater Passant also imagined that there would be a budget at the next meeting, and the Comes replied that he supposed there would be, if it was customary. Frater Bovenizer instantly recalled how that during his term of office there had been only one budget and fratres in general recalled instances of Frater Bovenizer’s magnanimous gestures as Comes. The Princeps enquired whether Professor Temperley had agreed to read a paper at the Visitors’ Meeting and the Magister replied that he had received no answer from the Professor in reply to his letter.

The Princeps then called on Frater Alderton to read his paper on ”The History of Nigeria”. Frater Alderton began by explaining that the title was a misnomer, and went on to give a most interesting and entertaining account of the trials and tribulations of the early settlers in Nigeria, tracing their history up to 1900. A short discussion took place afterwards, but on Frater Passant’s retirement, the meeting soon broke up.

Arthur Cartwright.  (Magister Rotulorum.)
S. W. White. (Princeps Senatus)

The 136th Meeting of the Confraternitas Historica took place in Frater Passant’s rooms on Monday December 1st 1930.

When the opening ceremonies had been performed – this time without mishap – Mr Harland was initiated into the bosom of the Confraternity. His deportment was a little lacking in decorum, but on the whole he played his part well, in spite of the misguided zeal of some fratres. The minutes of the last meeting were then read and signed without comment. Letters of apology for absence were read from Fratres Alderton and Acworth and were received favourably by the Society. Frater Passant was a notable absentee, an important dinner in London claiming him.

The Comes next introduced his Budget with a delightful dissertation on its why and wherefore. It transpired that a balance of 4½d was being held over till next term and the inevitable wrangle arose as to whether this was constitutional. Some fratres offered to subscribe the sum of money necessary to remove the balance but their offer was not looked kindly upon by all and the question of balance versus donations being put to the vote a small majority decided for the balance being held over till next term. The Comes wound up his Budget by demanding a subscription of 2/6 each from the neophytes and 1/- each term all other fraters. The Budget was then carried unanimously.

Frater Leeper then enquired of the Fabricius as to whether he had notified ex-Frater Gunner of the society’s displeasure at his wearing Confraternitas socks with his every-day attire. Frater Walter replied that he had given the necessary intimation but that ex-Frater Gunner had appeared the next day in the offending garment. A vote of censure was passed on the Fabricius – who voted for it himself – by a large majority on the grounds that his communication must have been couched in such terms as to make ex-Frater Gunner resentful. The Fabricius was furthermore unable to recall the wording or substance of his letter and it was pointed out to him that it was incumbent on him to have kept a copy of the document. Frater Wyatt then proposed that a punitive expedition should be undertaken to ensure that ex-Frater Gunner should never wear Confraternitas socks again. To some this suggestion seemed impracticable but a majority decided for it and in an amendment, which was passed, the Fabricius was entrusted with the raising of the necessary hue and cry, and was instructed to post a notice as to the proposed plan of campaign. Frater Wyatt was emphatic that we must strike while the socks were hot.

It was enquired whether the Magister had received any answer to his letter from Professor Temperley and he replied that he believed that the Professor was coming on February 23rd to read a paper on “Terrorism and Diplomacy” though he had had great difficulty in reading his hand-writing. The Princeps then called on Frater McClellan to read his paper on “Order and Self-Defence”, in which he gave us a clear exposition of the Post-War international situation and problems. A rather disorderly discussion arose afterwards, many fratres talking at the same time on widely varying subjects and at 10.45 approximately the Princeps closed the meeting.

Arthur Cartwright. (Magister Rotulorum.)
S. W. White (Princeps)


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